The Monkey
The Monkey
To make emails received by B2J Contact come in a better format to make each email easier to get an idea what it is about and search for later, it would be nice to have new Field concept options for Name and Subject.
These could be accomplished by having new specific Field Types or Checkbox toggles under Text Field options.

Name Field: Would allow user to input their name which would also be applied to full email format if email field was present in the form.
For example Name is declared: Someguy Jones and email in a separate field was declared [email protected]
So emails received from the form submission would be from: Someguy Jones

Subject Field: Would allow user to input general message subject which would then be appended to the Subject text entered in Basic Options / Subject
For example, Subject Text in Basic Options is set to: SITE MESSAGE - and user inputted into their subject field: Price Inquiry?
This email received would then have the Subject: SITE MESSAGE - Price Inquiry?

I think it is fair to say the standard joomla contact form is the most common setup needed which includes:

So having B2J offer the same functionality with easy to understand setup would be great.
On this note, having to toggle the Email field option of Default on to make a proper reply-to email is not an intuitive option label.
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