raw raj
raw raj
A search Box appears in the dropdown lists.
Last upgrade I had to re-enter all my form data. I have lot of drop downs in my form and it was all fine.
Then on the same installation I added another dropdown and it started to show a search box when it dropdowns

the only thing different I think was an upgraded Joomla (to 3.2) Now I don't know how to remove it there is not option.
What do you suggest? do I have to build the form again?
What if I don't want the search how do I remove it?
I looked at the code I can see a class no search added to the dropdowns
It seems that is why the search box is not shown I wonder why That class has not been added to the dropdown in question. So thats why its displaying the search box.
Any idea how to fix this Please.
Thank you
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