I just wanted to say that your form component is great and I always recommend it to others.

There is one small thing I don't like though. I never use datepicker or fileupload function, but glDatePicker.js and fileupload.js always gets loaded anyway. It's around 30 KiB, with each page load (I have form in footer of website).

30 KiB maybe isn't that much, but If viewing site from mobile phone of other countries it makes some difference, besides, maybe there are other scripts loaded this way. Also typical Joomla site has more than one 3rd party component, module, at tens of KiB, can pile togehter fast.

I'm no PHP expert, but couldn't you create and if statement, not to load scripts that aren't needed in contact form, because not all people are using datepicker or file upload. If this isn't possible, could you please let me know where to disable them manually? I really won't be needing datepicker and fileupload on this site.
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