I was on B2JContact 1.3 (bib 1.1 I think) and I decided to update to 1.7
-> After "successful" update, my 5 forms was still in place in the backend but all their settings was gone!
-> I went to PHPMyAdmin I saw that actually only one field (params) of only one form was still set. But those information couldn't be seen in the backend.

Fortunately, I made a backup of my site before I updated. In my SQL file I have selected only the Create Table and insert into MySQL requests and put them in PHPMyAdmin. It seems OK now.

I trust you, but you really should be careful with your updates. If I can help you, I can send you my B2J tables in mp.

Joomla 2.5.14
Extensions : ACL Manager, B2J Contact, ICagenda, JCE, Skyline Keyword, Xmap, Read Less Text, versioning, JQuery Easy
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