image_block DIV inside info_block

I have recently installed your module on a site I am developing for my wife. It is a great looking extension and well thought out. I have managed to style everything inside the module parameters, so congratulations so far.

I would like to be able to place my image_block DIV inside the info_block DIV, specifically next to my introtext so that I can have my introtext wrap around my image block. I know this is very traditional in design terms, but I am trying to create a clean, visually simple, site for this project. What people know is the simplest way to make sure my wife's writings stand out.

I have been trying forever to edit the default.php file but all I can do is remove the block or remove the DIV brackets. Moving it into the info_block is just not working. Once it is inside this DIV I can do what I need.

If you can point out which lines I need to replace, and with what, then I'm on.

Many thanks
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