I bought the pro version of your image gallery today and installed it on my site. From what I can tell so far it looks great and I like the amount of setting options in the backend a lot.

However so far none of the images that are fetched from K2 actually show up in the gallery. I can see in Firebug that the images are in the Image Gallery cache, the link on hover to the related K2 items works as well. But the images don't show.

I've attached a screenshot for illustration (edit: I can't upload the file here, get an error message that it is too big - 78kb...).

Thanks for your help in solving this! I can PM you URL and login details if it helps, let me know.

PS: Image Gallery Lite worked without problems, I uninstalled it just now to test if it caused any conflicts with the Pro version but this didn't solve the issue with the Pro gallery I'm having.
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