I have a problem on my site that really seems to be a javascript conflict between B2JContact and my main menu with drop down sub-menu (Joomla genuine menu). I hope you will be able to help me.

My problem is described at
But there are some more precise founds since I posted on this forum.

Please go this page to see the "phenomenon" :
If you over the button « YFU’s LIFE » you’ll see the drop down menu. That’s the expected behavior.

But on this page:
the drop down menu under « YFU’S LIFE » button doesn’t show up. Actually, the problem only occurs when B2JContact modules are loaded. So, according to me, some B2JContact script or CSS is called and enters in conflict with template drop down triggering.

Particular situation: on this page : http:// (blog display)
The submenu doesn’t drop down neither. Even if there is no B2JContact form. But because the page uses Read Less Text plugin to shorten article. And Read Less Text probably doesn’t prevent the loading of B2JContact scripts.

What do you think about this problem?

Thank you very much.
(I'm sorry for my bad english)
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