Language issues with Capcha and fields

Though everything looks very good and has a rather clear setup, I do have some issues that I cannot explain. Maybe I did something wrong, maybe a bug . . . but . . . out there must be someone much smarter than me with an answer.

I created a form in English, which i then duplicated to five more languages. When I started to update the Russian form (field names)two things happened after saving:

First I was a couple of times faced with an unresponsive interface, resulting in finally being able to close the form and to find out that all fields were gone. Happened now four times and . . . not funny anymore. (A small added disturbance is that after deleting the form and duplicating again the english one, it refuses because the alias already exists. It looks like the form is still "claiming it's space" even after deletion, cash purging etc)

Second, I managed eventually to get all the fieldnames in Russian, could save (don't know why it worked as did exactly the same as previous failing times) and than noticed that on the frontend the Captcha does not work anymore. Instead of a code it displays the word "CAPTCHA". Game over, try again . . .

Like I said, the component seems well thought about, with a logic that often fails in Joomla components, but . . . this issues are blocking progress.

Hope anyone can help,

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