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luiz Dias
luiz Dias
Hell All,
This is really a wonderful plugin that makes it much easier for webmasters to create contact forms. I installed it a few days ago, however the additional fields I added were not being saved. The forum sugested do the update and I did. Now when I create a new contact form, the save button is desabled, as well as all the other buttons, except cancel, which when canceled returns the main B2J Contact control panel and every single button is desabled, I have to physically type the URL in order to return back to the main joomla control panel. I uninstalled and reininstalled a several times to see if the problem could be correct, but nothing.
Does anyone have any clue of what might be wrong? Is it a script bug that needs to be addressed in the next release? So weird that now I am totally unable to do anything with the contact.
Thanks a lot,
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