I talked to you something like 3 weeks ago, about creating a module similar to this

you can see the photo attached of how it supposed to look like.
you can also see it here

here is my features list:

1. when the page is being loaded the images will be displayed in fade effect randomally from all over the slider

2. ths slider should be "coast to coast" - 100% of the screen, but keep it in the same height (that means that larger screens show more of the slider and small screens less of the slider)

3. different size of images - should be easy to manage from backend, also add uniqe class to each image

4. slider should be infinite (optional but recommended)

5. arrows on bottom - same as today

6. scroller on bottom - when scrolling right is will scroll all the slider to left
when scolling left it will scroll all the slider to right

7. no effect to images when scrolling

8. no need of the top section of the current module

9. nice and gentle slow zoom in effect on images hover (no need of links or slideshow) - (optional)

10. should support k2

I also need your help in creating another module/plugin:
like this image

at the bottom of this page

it should be based on k2 tag system. it can be a module or a plugin, whatever you decide but it should appear only on this page, so perhaps a module is better

each k2 item will be tagged under 1-2 tags

1. the tabs will show all the existing tags
2. under the current tab (specific tag) it will show k2 items that are tagged under this specific tag
3. it can be infinite scroller to right or left
4. different class for each tab + first and left classes to add rounderd corners
5. new tags shuld be added automatically to the tabs and also the items tagged under this new tag

this in not a "related items" module, it should display all items under specific tags

please contact me via email for more information

Thank you
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