Problem with installing

I Installed the component and create a test form. but it shown this

"Persian translation is still missing. Please consider to contribute by writing and sharing your own translation"

I coped the en-gb files to fa-ir folder (my language) and edit the com-...xml files and tried reinstall it. this time it shown this

"Persian translation has not been installed, but is available. To fix this problem simply install this extension once again, without uninstalling it"

OK. i translate it and reinstall it. but nothing changed.

then i coped the fa-ir...ini files to language and also admin/language folder of joomla.

i gut this

i install a feresh version of joomla and also newest versin of xampp and check it in english language but still same problem hapend.
and also i find out this

an error in configuration page occurred

how can i fix that
and sorry me for my poor english.
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