First of all I would like to express my gratitude to B2J team for designing such a well thought-out customizable module.

While testing the module in my web sandbox for a production site (page with contact form is "/contact-us") I ran into some trouble trying to establish form conversion tracking using Google Analytics, namely, I set my forms up to display a custom thank you webpage upon form submission with its relative address being "/form-submission-entry". A test submission directs the user to "/form-submission-entry#b2jcomid_XYZ" with XYZ being 3 (seemingly?) random numbers.

I then configured a tracking goal in GA with the following initial options:
[li]Goal type: Destination [/li]
[li]Destination - equals to: /form-submission-entry#b2jcomid_XYZ [/li]
[li]Funnel (required): /contact-us [/li]

After several days of filling out test form submissions (different browsers, ip addresses, computers) GA didn't detect any conversions.

I then proceeded to fiddle with a different GA goal setup changing Destination options from "equals to:" to "begins with:" and removing the "comid_XYZ" but even this did not detect any conversions in several days of testing (5-10 test submissions each day)...

Can someone help me with what I am doing wrong here with my form/GA setup?
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