problem with views below k2 articles

i'm using k2 with joomla 2.5. there is not more than 50 people per day inviting my site.
since yesterday i got one more view below all articles on my site per 1 second.
that's impossible..
can you help me, please?

for now i turned views off..

"ok, i know the reason. it was caused by Bang2Joom K2 News Slider. turned it off and everything is ok.. but now i don't see any possibility to reset views.."

no, it didn't solve a problem.

i don't really know what to do..

Liike i said above. problem still occurs.
i'm not sure for now that it was made by yours plugin. i have uninstalled it and for a moment everything looked ok, but after few minutes it was the same - many many views below articles..

So views are turned off, plugin works.
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