Problems with B2J News Loader for K2

Hi everyone!
I'm not very good at Joomla.Currently, I'm designing the website using joomla 2.5 gantry 4 template and I decided to use 'B2J News Loader for K2 ' with K2 component to come up with a blog.After I installed the module, I have encountered some problems.First, the link on k2 items or articles are clickable but when I click on them in the blog page the article do not open fully as I have used intro text limit.What cause this problem? any help, please! Another problem is, I can't see the comment form in items the is no way to comments I can only see comments website has jcomments components.I would like jcomments to be integrated in this module. Any suggestions or idea?

The website is online,the url:

Thanks all,
Komba, China
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