Questions before buying Alfheim Gallery Pro

Hi all,

Before buying Alfheim Image Gallery PRO module, I have two questions that I would like to comment:


I enclose a Nexus 7 screenshot where the web page format I'm working is broken. This unformatted page shows when loading for the first time on a new device. After a big time (enough for the user to leave the web site) the page loads correctly. Has anyone had a similar problem and know how to solve it?

I find hard to manage with the tags selector when there are too many tags (about 100) to choose among.

I found solutions for managing hundreds of tags:
- every tag is categorized
- tag selection is made under category tags,
- tag selection can be multiple for one or more category tags
- current tag selection is always viewed "on top". The user can view always what he has selected.
- tags can be found using an autofill text box (even using text belonging inside the tag)

I know I mentioned this as a request a week ago in the "Featured requests" thread, and I understood you found it as an interesting request.

As this point stops launching my website, I would like to know if there is an estimated date to develop this feature.

Thank you.
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