Hi b2J Team!

I like this component very much...and I just did my first form with it. Very cool component..., keep up with that good work! :)

I only have one tiny problem and hope that someone can help?

I have activated the option that there is a checkbox where senders can send a copy of their message to themselve. Is it possible to get the the editable page text (under the form) beneath this copy checkbox????

In other words: When I deactivate the "Send a copy" option... the editable text is really the last hing above the "Send" Button! But when I activate the "Send a copy" option its sadly not the last thing above the "Send" Button!!!

Hope you understand what I mean?

So how can I get the editable text as the real last thing above the "Send" Button???

Which "view" PHP file is the right to search for?

THX in advance...,

Joschi :)
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