I am now facing 2 issues with B2J contact us forms. I have created 3 contacts and 3 modules of B2J contact form. I have placed the 3 modules in an accordion on the same page.

Problem 1. When I fill a contact form from module 1 and send it to the contact 1, it works fine. But if i immediately go to another accordion module, I see all the entries of module 1 in the module 2 prefilled. How do I refresh the entries in the module once an enquiry is sent ?

Problem 2. If I remove 3 modules and keep only 1 B2J module on a form on a page and put a drop down for 3 different categories then I want an email should go to the contact as per the option selected in the dropdown.
For ex. there are 3 departments, youth , sponsors and general info... If a user selects youth in the dropdown then email should be sent to contact 'youth' only.

Please advice asap to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance.

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