Some problems with Beta 3.3 and one question

Hi there,
I run the 3.3Beta version and i found some bugs.
1)At Pagination with Slider Style, you can't change the color of hover and arrow. I skip this problem for hover adding this at /presets/pagination/Slider/css/style.css:
[code type=css].b2j_alfheim_gallery_pro_pagination li:hover{
background-color:transparent !important;[/code]


2)Something is wronge with the responsive code at images. At prev url when i try to open the page with a smartphone the photo is cuted and it didn't resize, so it can fit at the page.

3)At Tags with Slider Style, same problem with responsive code. When i try to see the tags at smartphone, the boxes with the tags go outside of box. The result is a white box with nothing in it. So the boxes doesn't fit at page and keep it's first positions.
URL for now(may will change):

That's it till now.

And now the Question:

I want to have a random transform at thumbs. For example i want the .b2j_alfheim_gallery_pro_container ul li at tmpl/css/style.css got the -webkit-transform:rotate(Xdeg); with x=random(-5,5). So if you can give me any help i would be THANKFULL.

I think that's all.
If i got something new or any solution i'll post it here.
Thanks a lot, and great job by the way. The module works faster, it's more flexible at backend.
I'm w8ing for the stable version :-P
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