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How we can make items titles are unlinkable in the B2J K2 News slider?

I just need this module to show the titles without making them linkable.

Accepted Answer

Monday, November 30 2015, 08:40 AM - #Permalink
Hello Saed,

Thanks for showing interest in the extension.

We have released a new kit. You need to install it and make a template override.
Copy /modules/mod_b2j_k2_news_slider/tmpl/default.php to tempaltes/yourSelectedTemplate/html/mod_b2j_k2_news_slider/anyname.php and make the chnge at line no 66.
Go to module Manager => K2 Slider => Advance Tab
There is an option to select Alternate Layout, you can select "anyname" from there.

Let me know if you find any other issue.
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