Hi there!
First off, thanks for this great component!

I'm having an issue with the upload files field on one of my clients' website.
De upload field and button aren't displayed, the remove and description are. Now I saw a few posts about this, but they all mention Jquery not being used or loaded. This websites uses a bunch of jquery - and we are using one central Jquery script loaded through "JqueryEasy".

The error we get is: "TypeError: jQuery(...).chosen is not a function". What's strange is that the file loaded is "loader/component/1050?type=js&filename=jtext". Then when I look at the source it seems to be coming from the AcyMailing module, and if I turn that one of from other modules.

Link to the site is in the private data section for privacy concerns.

Thanks in advance,
Ingmar de Vos
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